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NameVideo downloader for Instagram
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Updated onFebruary 4, 2023
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Insta Video Downloader APK – A Must-Have For Insta Lovers


At this point, Instagram’s popularity has probably reached all nooks and corners of the globe. Hundreds of millions of users have flocked to this huge social media platform – eager to share stunning photos and videos of their daily routines.

One annoying thing, though, is that Instagram refuses to permit manual vid downloading. Here is where Insta Video Downloader APK steps in to help.

What is this app exactly, and is it even worth a try? Our article will debunk this mystery right away.

What Is Insta Video Downloader APK?

Probably not a single soul on Earth has never heard of Instagram at this point. Yet, a brief explanation of what it offers might be in need for those still new to social media.

For decades, Instagram has been extremely well-received as one of the most reliable sites for users to upload videos and photos about themselves – or anything related to their daily habits.

Its interface is pretty simple to navigate around, which mostly focuses on five fundamental interactive features:

  • Uploading photos and videos
  • Liking posts
  • Commenting on posts
  • Following other users
  • Messaging

However, for mysterious reasons, photo and clip downloads on Instagram seem to be skimmed over – which is weird, given that this platform is tailored for vid and image sharing in the first place!

To store a photo, you might have to take a screenshot. And when it concerns vid saving, screen-recording or third-party apps have been the only methods possible.

Insta Video Downloader was established in response to users’ dying need in such regards. As its name suggests quite blatantly, this app supports all Instagram downloads within seconds, ensuring their highest qualities are still retained.

Now that you have a general overview of what Insta Downloader offers, another inquiry arises: is it even worth my glance? Our answer is Yes. Let’s turn to the next section for a more in-depth analysis of its primary features!

Some Highlights Of Insta Video Downloader APK

1. Easy Of Use

Your main concern probably pools all into this aspect. After all, what is the point of a second complimentary app if its interface provides no support at all – the sole reason you downloaded it from the get go?

No worry; Insta Downloader has taken great care of it, aiming to offer the most straightforward services possible, even for a non-tech savvy.

For streamlined downloading, all you need is to copy the link of your chosen clip and paste it onto your Downloader. Then hit the arrow (which points downwards to indicate “download”) and seal the deal. That’s all there is! We cannot ask for anything simpler than that.

Some users may notice that, other than immediate video downloads, the app never delivers any other Insta-related features. But that is alright; you never need them that much anyways!

Also, it means the app barely takes up any space on your phone, which is convenient for data storage.

2. 100% Safety

Famous cases of privacy breaches in third-party apps are abundant enough to scare people off. However, you can be certain that Insta Downloader has never been among them, providing users with a 100% risk-free cocoon to store their favorite clips.

Any usage on the app indeed requires a log-in account. But still, this account is none other than your own Instagram profile, which we all know is absolutely trustable. Simply sign in to the official Instagram app before turning to Downloader, and you can easily avoid all risks of password leaks.

Even better, the application setup never calls for VPNs or similar services, a huge benefit for those who still have some reservations about VPN safety. Navigate to the program, hit “Download”, and you are done! It does not differ from any mainstream software you often see on App Store or Play Store.

3. No Cost

With all those convenient offerings, one might expect at least some sort of fee – even just a small amount. Here is another good news: the software costs you nothing – in all its literal meaning!

That policy alone has made Insta Downloader a popular pick among all Instagram enthusiasts. Furthermore, there are neither subscription requirements nor daily usage limits; in short, they let you store your videos as often as you want without asking for anything back.

One minor drawback is the advertisements, which might pop up on the screen from time to time once your download is complete. But pitted against the tons of benefits it brings about, this slight discomfort barely matters!

Not to mention, users do not need to watch the full ad anyways. After 4 to 5 seconds, a “Skip” button will show up, enabling you to overlook the rest of its content if you want.


1. Is The App Legal?

Insta Downloader is not an official app distributed by the Instagram brand itself, so it might be a bit of a stretch to say that the program is legal.

But by no means is it illegal, either! The application neither adopts harmful software nor privacy-compromising virus, ensuring you enjoy one hundred percent safety upon usage.

And in the unfortunate case that the governments do indeed decide to investigate it, those who have to face punishments (if any) are the app creators themselves. Its millions of users can stay unharmed! Thus, there is nothing to worry about here.

2. Is It Possible to Save Images with Insta Video Download?

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the software provides no extra functions other than vid downloads.

Still, saving a photo is much easier than a video, which means thousands of other third-party apps exclusive to photo storage might suffice. Another immediate solution is to take a screenshot if high definitions are not your utmost priority.


Our guidelines have explored all there is to know about Insta Video Downloader APK, which will boost your Instagram experience to new heights!

A simple click, and your Insta Video Downloader APK Uptodown is complete. Feel free to write to us should any difficulties persist (which we doubt, but just in case!).

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